Hookup Spots In The United Kingdom: The UK Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs You Want To Check Out!

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When you're headed to the United Kingdom, and you want to find the best UK hookup spots, you're going to want to have the most comprehensive guide available, so that you can find the best hookup spots possible! The UK consists of four countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, and within these four countries full of hotties which make up the United Kingdom, there are over 50,000 pubs so, you're not likely to have any problems at all when it comes to finding hot UK hookup spots to meet people. Just imagine that there are over 50,000 pubs - so that doesn't even include nightclubs or other hookup spots. You're going to be spoiled for choice, and you're also going to have the best source available online, because you're going to have at your disposal, this incredible directory from EZHookups! This is the resource you've been waiting for to find the hottest UK hookup spots around, and you won't need to wonder why so many people are making this their go-to resource for the hottest UK hookup spots, once you've taken some time to check it out for yourself!

So what gives? What is this golden information that you're going to find in this guide? You will find five sections listed below: UK Facts You Want To Know!, Hookup Bars In The UK: Where You Can Go To Meet Your Next UK Hookup, Hookup Clubs In The UK: The Hottest UK Hookup Clubs You Will Want To Visit, Hookup Spots In The UK: A Guide To The Best Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, & Hookup Spots City By City, UK Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, And Other Hookup Spots: Alternative Information. In UK Facts You Want To Know!, we're going to tell you just that! Cook facts about the UK that you'll find interesting and useful. In Hookup Bars In The UK: Where You Can Go To Meet Your Next UK Hookup, we're going to show you the hottest bars in each city we've checked out. When we get to Hookup Clubs In The UK: The Hottest UK Hookup Clubs You Will Want To Visit, we'll talk about the UK hookup club scene, and where you need to go. We'll also take a look at Hookup Spots In The UK: A Guide To The Best Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, & Hookup Spots City By City, where we'll take more of an overview of UK hookup spots, and maybe touch on some that you might not have thought of. Finally, we'll take a look at UK Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, And Other Hookup Spots: Alternative Information, just in case you feel you'd like to know a little bit more. Our information is comprehensive, but if you need even more, we've got you covered.

Interesting Facts About The United Kingdom

We promised, and now we deliver! Ready to find out some super cool things about the UK? As we mentioned above, the United Kingdom is comprised of four countries that include England, Wales Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Rich in culture and tradition, the UK has got a lot going on, and whether it's the fact that most of the land is used for farming, or the fact that there are over 50,000 pubs in the UK, there's no shortage of things to learn. Take a look below, and find out some of our favorite facts about the UK, that are sure to gain you some points when you head out to your next UK hookup spot.


The United Kingdom Is The 8th Largest Economy In The World:

With a population of over 65 million people, the UK isn't necessarily the most populous place in the world, but you can bet that they contribute a whole lot to the world economy! The UK is powerful, and don't doubt it for a minute. They have a lot of purchasing power, and they are a driving force behind the world economy, with automobiles being a huge part of the nation's GDP. Their GDP is the 6th highest in the world, and let's not forget, it's also the 3rd largest economy in all of Europe! Not bad for a small island consisting of just over 65,000,000 people! These are a bunch of hard-working folks, most of whom are living in the cities, so you'll want to stick to the metro areas when you're hitting up UK hookup spots.

Scotland Has Tons Of Fresh Water Sources: Scotland is home to many small lakes - or lochs, as they're called in Scotland. There are also lots of narrow streams of water. Scotland, home to the famed, 'Loch Ness', which is the home of the infamous Loch Ness Monster, Nessie. If you're into local folklore, impress your next hookup with your knowledge of Nessie when you head out to a UK hookup bar in Scotland!

No Part Of Britain Is More Than 75 Miles Away From Coastline: Wrap your head around that for a minute! The UK is basically an island area off of Europe, and when you take a look at it this way, it really puts things into perspective. The good news there is, you'll never have to go too far to find a cool UK hookup spot, either. There are always people vacationing on the beaches!

The Earliest Rail Lines In The World Were In The UK: Whether you're a history buff, or you're someone who loves to take the train, this is definitely an interesting fact about the UK. The first line ever built was in Britain, and it ran between Stockton and Darlington. The line officially opened in 1825, and the rest is history! Sure, vehicles and planes have revolutionized how we travel today, but the train is still a great way to see a lot on our journey, and it's not a bad UK hookup spot either, as it's still a pretty popular way to get around.

It's Legal For Kids Over 5 To Drink Alcohol In Homes And Private Areas In The UK: Sound crazy? Well, it might not be as crazy as you think. It's up to parents to decide if and when their kids will drink, and there's really nothing wrong with that. Although there are people who do still abuse alcohol, there isn't as much of an issue as people tend to be much more experienced from a younger age when it comes to holding their alcohol. You'll notice how well people can hold their liquor when you start hitting up the UK hookup spots.

There are over half a million vegans living in the United Kingdom: Whether you support or you loathe their message, there are plenty of vegans living in the UK, and they are making a difference! Keeping this in mind, it's probably a good idea to be mindful of the fact that there are plenty of vegans living in the United Kingdom, and when you're out at your next UK hookup spot, you don't want to assume that the person you're talking to is going to want to go out for a steak dinner. It's always a good idea to ask, for sure.

Hookup Bars In The UK: Where You Can Go To Meet Your Next UK Hookup


We've got a few choices for the hottest UK hookup bars that you are definitely going to want to check out. When it comes to the best UK hookup spots, there are definitely many, but there will never be more variety of anything, than there is of pubs. It's a UK tradition, and whether it's in the quieter, rural areas, or it's right in the heart of London, England, UK hookup bars are always the best places to make hookup connections. Check out these amazing selections that we've visited and loved!

The Street: Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Street Nutrition on the main floor, and party in the basement. The first time we ate at The Street, we overheard the dance party that was happening downstairs, which piqued our interest. After finishing our steak, we went downstairs to find one of the most laid-back and fun dance parties that we'd found in the area.

Boltz Club: Located in Birmingham, England, the Boltz Club is probably the hottest spot for gay hookups in Birmingham because there's no need to watch a band you don't want to see, dance for hours to a DJ you're not particularly fond of, or even have a conversation with someone you only want to have sex with once and then never see again.

Revolutions: Revolutions is a cocktail bar located in Glasgow, Scotland. Glasgow loves its cocktail bars, and we just can't get enough of the type of person who decides to spend their Friday night at one. If you're looking for something to do during the week, you can take the bar's cocktail masterclass, and learn some of the secret ways of their bartenders.

The Lisbon Bar Liverpool: The Lisbon Bar Liverpool is located in Liverpool, England and is a great LGBTQ hookup bar with a cosy feel, great food, and an incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you're looking for a chill night that ends with a hookup, then The Lisbon Bar is exactly what you're looking for. If you get there a little earlier than the party crowd, try the burger.

Experimental Cocktail Club: Experimental Cocktail Club is a London, England must do. Make sure you pay close attention as you pull up to the address. The bar's door is almost unmarked, and is easy to miss. Buzz in to enter a minimalist but attractive bar with exposed brick walls. You'll need to reserve a table, which means find one or two of your single friends who want to go cruising for a little action.

Velvet Hotel & Bar: Velvet Hotel & Bar is located in Manchester, England. Hotel bars are sometimes the most obvious hookup spot that we forget about. There's a very good chance that anyone you meet in a hotel bar is there by themselves, and probably even have a room at the hotel, which would make for a short trip if you hit it off and decide to take your hangout to somewhere a little more private.

If you want to find some more great UK hookup bars, we've only begun to scratch the surface here. Check out Hookup Spots In The UK: A Guide To The Best Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, & Hookup Spots City By City For even more information!

Hookup Clubs In The UK: The Hottest UK Hookup Clubs You Will Want To Visit

Pubs are obviously the ultimate UK hookup spots, but never underestimate the power of the UK hookup club! There are some seriously great ones in the United Kingdom, and when it comes to the best of the lot, you can bet that we've got the hottest UK hookup clubs you'll find anywhere in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, or Scotland. Continue on and take a look at some of our favorites now:

The Bongo Club: Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, If you're looking for an eclectic mix of tunes to dance to, and a unique space to do it in, this is where you want to be. The Bongo Club isn't just in any basement (we've all seen basement bars before). It's in the basement of the Central Library. Don't worry if you have late fees on any books, the librarians have all gone home by time the real party starts.

Nightingale Club: Located in Birmingham, England, Nightingale Club Nightingale Club is a huge LGBTQ dance club can hold up to 2,000 party animals on any given night. Most popular for its huge DJ nights, and drag shows, the club is busiest on weekends, but there are hot hookups to be had on any night of the week. One of Pride's biggest party venues, you should make sure to check out what's going on at Nightingale Club if you're in town for the parade.

Sub Club: Not only is Sub Club one of the best drum and bass clubs in Glasgow, it's also one of our favorite kinds. The underground kind. There's something spacial about the rumble of the bass rushing through your body, when you know you're below street level. The club has its regular DJs who spin most months, but occasionally they'll have a big act come in to do a DJ set or performance of some new material before they take it on the road in bigger venues.

Heaven Liverpool: Heaven Liverpool the spot to go if you're looking to take in a drag show and get laid. One of Liverpool's best LGBTQ-friendly bars, Heaven has found tremendous success with the widespread popularity of drag culture, thanks to Ru Paul's Drag Race. You might find a few more straight folk than is ideal when you're looking to hookup, but we've heard stories of Drag Race fans finding themselves a little more sexually adventurous than they had thought they were before entering Heaven.

The Nest: One of London, England's hottest spots for single partiers is The Nest. It's only open on weekends, so its clientele is almost too excited when it opens its doors on Friday nights. The tunes are great, the bartenders friendly, and The Nest has one of the sexiest fan bases among London's nigh club scene.

Suede: Located in Manchester, England, Suede is one of Manchester's hottest hip hop and r 'n' b dance clubs. It occasionally even hosts live performances by artists such as Trey Songz. It's usually pretty packed, but the best times to go to Suede are on nights when another event (perhaps a concert) is taking place on the same night, so you're able to enjoy the club is a slightly less packed than usual form.

If you want some more information on the hottest UK hookup clubs, we've got it! Take a look at Hookup Spots In The UK: A Guide To The Best Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, & Hookup Spots City By City. It's next up!

Hookup Spots In The UK: A Guide To The Best Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, & Hookup Spots City By City

Wherever you're going, we've got the UK hookup spots you're looking for. Whether it's Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, or Sheffield, EZHookups has got you covered where the best UK hookup bars, UK hookup clubs, and other UK hookup spots are concerned. Whatever you're looking for, you can be sure that you'll find it in our comprehensive directory below. Our EZHookups guide will show a page title that points to the city page, and some information from that page to show you what you can expect to see when you move forward and continue checking out further information. We've already mentioned a bunch of UK hookup spots, but we have so many more in these pages, and you can be sure that whatever you're looking to find for your ideal UK hookup spot is going to be there. Keep reading and uncover even more great UK hookup spots!

UK Hookup Spots: Birmingham

When people visit Birmingham, the number one thing on their "To Do" list is typically visiting Stonehenge. While that is certainly something you should do, you obviously are also interested in seeing the sights of Birmingham's hookup sceneRead more.

UK Hookup Spots: Brighton

Home of the Royal Pavilion, and the Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Brighton has many fun activities to do during the day when you're visiting. What we want to ensure though is that your evenings are used to their fullest extent, and that you know what� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Bristol

Bristol has a great maritime history, and you're definitely going to want to explore the city's harbour, but what are you going to do with your evenings? Take heed of our directory of Bristol�s hottest hookup spots, and avoid tourist traps that are going to be full of� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Edinburgh

When you first arrive in Edinburgh, you of course need to visit Edinburgh Castle, and the Museum of Scotland. There are other big sights to see, but those are the big ones that must be seen. After that, whatever you see is gravy. One of the city's most underrated attractions is its nightlife, and specifically its� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Glasgow

Did you know that Glasgow is the vegan capital of the UK? If you're vegan and know how hard it can be to find more than a few options to eat at� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Leeds

Leeds isn't as much of a touristy city as some of its neighbors, but it's a fine college town, full of many hot young students who've left home for the first time, and who spend their time going out to clubs and hooking up with each other rather than doing their homework. The hookup club scene in Leeds is� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Liverpool

Liverpool is of course home of the Beatles. The biggest band to ever come out of the UK. While most people would probably say that the best thing that they contributed to the world is their music, but we think that their greatest contribution was igniting the sex drives of the women of Liverpool to an extent that to this day, still hasn't� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: London

When people think of the UK, the first place they typically think of is London. They plan to make trips to Buckingham Palace, to take a ride on the London Eye, and take picture of themselves with� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Manchester

Widely known across UK and the rest of the world for birthing some of the greatest rock bands the world has ever known. Manchester is the home of Joy Division, The Smiths, and Oasis. The city's club and live music scene is� Read more.

UK Hookup Spots: Sheffield

Sheffield is best known perhaps for its gorgeous countryside views, and being the home of Sheffield F.C., the first football club in the world. Touristy sightseeing during the day is fine, but you need to get yourself out to the heart of Sheffield's� Read more.

UK Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, And Other Hookup Spots: Additional Information

Well alright then, if you feel that you haven't somehow received enough information from the dozens of options that we've provided, then we're happy to help you on your way with even more information yet! Take a look below, and try out these other links that are going to ensure you're able to find any possible missing tidbits of UK hookup spot information that you somehow might not have gotten from our comprehensive EZHookups guide. Don't forget to dig even further into the information that we've provided. You can find a bunch of it when you scroll back up and look at UK Hookup Spots: Your City By City Guide To UK Hookup Bars & UK Hookup Clubs. There are lots of links for you to choose from there, for sure! However, on the off chance that you still feel you need some more information and you'd like to go ahead and take a look at the info offered by some other sources, we've provided some useful links for you below. Check them out!

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All Of The Best Hookup Bars In The UK

You want the most comprehensive directory on the best UK hookup spots, and now you've found it. Keep on reading for all of the best spots, city by city!

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