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Yes, there are tons of dating, hookup and other hot sites online today. That's precisely why we've created EZHookups.com directory! New hookup sites appear online everyday. Use our directory to help you find the hottest and best hookup app and free hookup dating sites for you today! You're about to find some of the very best hookup sites and hookup dating sites​ out there. Forget wasting your time searching through every site a search could turn up. We've collected the best of the best so you can save time, find the hottest single and start hooking up faster than you can imagine!

Categories and Niches


One great thing about the number of hookup sites online​ is the nearly unlimited number of singles waiting to meet you. Your first step is one of the easiest – figuring out precisely what you want. This is no time for being shy or hesitant. You know what you want, and there are others out there who want exactly the same thing. You can date a bit before hooking up, hook up right away with the potential to develop deeper feelings, or jump right into bed with no strings attached!

Regardless of what you want, remember that there are countless others who want it as well. Being honest with yourself – and potential hookups – is the best policy for choosing the best hookup sites. Once you've made your decision – or decisions – the rest is fun, incredibly easy and as romantic or casual as you choose!

Remember that just about everything is available online today. Once you've decided on the type of encounter you're craving, think about your preferences. Straight, gay and trans sites abound, but don't be afraid to dig deeper. Your new favorite hookup app may be one that caters to a secret fetish even your closest friends don't know about.

We've put together this incredible list with just one goal in mind – helping you hook up! We've found everything from free hookup sites to those offering spectacular premium membership benefits. Read on, take your time and enjoy – you're only a few steps away from connecting with hot singles!

Your Next Steps in Finding the Best Hookup Sites


You're still reading? None of those amazing sites caught your eye? No worries – you might be a little bit hesitant. This is totally normal! You'd be amazed at how many people who frequently use a hookup app were apprehensive at first. After all, most of us grew up following a rather traditional path to hooking up. Those days are over!

The following sections were carefully put together with the goal of helping you feel as comfortable as possible using hookup sites. We'll cover common mistakes, how to put together a stellar profile and much more!

Choose Your Favorite Sites

Although it sounds rather obvious, with so many sites out there, choosing the sites you're most interested in joining is the first step toward hot hookups. Read through our list and check out all the sites which catch your eye. Don't be nervous...you're just taking a look.

As you do this, you'll notice that certain sites catch your eye immediately while others sound a bit "whatever." While we think that all the sites on our list are great, we understand that everybody has their own unique preferences. Keep those in mind while reading and visiting. If you feel drawn to a particular site, bookmark it for future reference. In addition, don't be afraid to check out sites which cater to a fetish or preference you may feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed about – those sites exist precisely because you're not alone in your cravings! Lastly, if a site happens to sound interesting even though it doesn't offer what you previously thought you wanted, pay attention. Sometimes, the hottest hookups result from a hookup app you downloaded simply because it sounded interesting.

Signing Up – You Can Do It!

Don't be nervous – yes, it's time to sign up, but there's nothing to be afraid of in this (or any) step. Signing up is almost always free, and many free hookup sites offer an entirely zero-cost experience.

Signing up with most of the hookup sites on our list is extremely easy. This goes for the accompanying hookup app as well, although we've included some incredible stand-alone apps. All you'll need in the beginning is a username and password. Remember that your username will be the very first impression which potential partners will have of you – take the time to think up a great one! Your password, on the other hand, should be kept entirely private. Be sure to choose one which is easy for you to remember, but very difficult for others to guess.

Spreading Yourself Thin is a Good Idea!

Hopefully, you've found at least several hookup dating sites which sound good. That's great! The best hookup sites are usually populated by singles (or couples or groups) who utilize several different sites and apps in order to maximize their hookup potential. Creating accounts on many different sites ensures that you won't miss out on anything. It also gives you the potential to "test the waters" with a more traditional, mainstream site, while keeping yourself open to the possibilities which more specific sites can offer.

Our only advice regarding using multiple sites is to keep things honest. This is your best option regarding pretty much everything involved in online dating sites and apps. Anonymity is a big aspect of the Internet, and unfortunately, some users take advantage. For example, a single person may represent themselves as many different people across different sites. To avoid any confusion, keep your profiles relatively similar across your chosen sites. Feel free to tailor your profile and username to each site, but keep something similar. Some choose to use the same basic username but add a word or phrase to it which is specific to each site. Others use different usernames but keep their main profile picture (the one potential hookups will see first) exactly the same. Either of these tactics will let other users know that even though you're spreading yourself thin, you're not trying to trick anybody.

Our Top Tips for Creating the Best Possible Profile


Creating your profile on each site is your next step, and it's one that you should put some thought into before "going live." Your profile is what potential partners will use to determine – before they ever exchange a message with you – whether or not they might be interested in hooking up. The best hookup sites offer plenty of space for you to detail yourself, your preferences and anything else you think a partner might want to know. It's a place to let your personality shine! Read on for our best tips on creating a profile that is clear, easy to read and likely to interest potential hookups!

Taking or Choosing Your Photo(s)

If you haven't guessed by now, your profile photo is one of the most important aspects of your profiles on hookup sites. Humans are visual creatures, and we also want to have verification that who we're talking to is actually who they say they are. For example, you could create a profile stating that you're a tall, dark and handsome pro basketball player looking for discreet hookups. Sure, you'd get tons of messages, but how many of those hopeful partners do you think would stick around once they realized you'd lied? Not a single one. Remember that you – just as you are – will be incredibly exciting to the right people! Be honest, and begin with your photos.

Taking a great profile picture can be as easy as flipping through your phone and choosing your best selfie. If you don't have one, take some! If your selfie skills are somewhat lacking, ask a friend to take some for you or crop other people out of a group photo you like. Be sure to include a clear shot of your face. If you're truly nervous about being recognized by friends, family or work colleagues, you can take a mysterious photo which only shows part of your face. If the hookup sites you're using allow it, don't be afraid to get naughty and take X-rated photos as well!

Be Your Best Self

Our carefully chosen hookup sites allow you to build a great profile. This also applies if you choose a hookup app. Take advantage! While remembering to be honest, don't be afraid to build up your strengths. After all, what's the point of a profile if it doesn't entice hot singles to contact you? If you're particularly good at something – sexually or otherwise – include it in your profile. Tell people what you like, what you don't like and what you're looking for. If you just want a no-strings hookup, say so. On the other hand, if you're lonely and wouldn't be opposed to a relationship developing after a hookup, let people know! Great hookups result from honesty and clear communication, so forget feeling awkward or hesitant – let people know the real you and you'll be amazed at how they respond!

Be Open, But Smart

We've already covered the importance of being honest on hookup sites. We know you'd never lie! However, that doesn't mean other people won't lie to you. Unfortunately, this is a problem inherent to online dating of any kind, and it's not going away anytime soon. Does this mean you should forget the whole thing? Of course not! All it means is that you need to be smart.

We've taken you through the steps of building a great profile. Use these as guidelines when browsing through others' profiles. If a member sounds too good to be true, proceed with caution. Check out their photos – do they look weird, as if they might have been digitally altered? If so, ask for a live video chat before meeting up in person. Traditional online dating rules apply to hookup sites, so it's a good idea to meet in a very public place (a bar is ideal) before retreating to someplace more private. Never agree to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, whether it's a romantic act or something like meeting a stranger in the middle of the woods. Safeguard yourself in all ways, and you'll end up with incredibly hot tales of your hookup site adventures. If you don't, you might end up with horror stories instead!

Getting the Most Out of All the Best Hookup Sites


Congratulations! You've taken some blisteringly hot photos and built profiles that scream "Hook up with me!" What's next? Exploring each of those sites and using each of their features to your fullest advantage. Each of your chosen hookup sites offers different features and benefits, and it pays to explore them all. Read on for a walk-through of some of the most common features, and how to use them in the best possible way for the hottest experience possible.

Chat Rooms

Possibly the oldest and most loved feature in the world of hookup sites, chat rooms offer a wonderfully low-pressure way to chat, meet new people and even go much further – if you desire. A hookup site chat room is no different than a chat room on any other site. You'll be in the room with other members of the site, able to chat and converse with whoever you want. Think of chat rooms like a bar or club – you're in control of how much you interact. You may prefer to stay in the background and simply read the chat of others – this is great if you're still a bit nervous. You can jump in with a joke, witty comment or anything which pops into your head!

Chat rooms often offer the option to go into a private, one-on-one chat with a member. On some sites, this is part of the free experience, while on others it is part of a paid membership. Private chats are a great way to get to know another member, set up a meeting or engage in some truly steamy chat!

While some hookup sites offer just one main chat room, others provide specific ones. You might choose a "clean" room in which explicit sexual talk is forbidden, or jump right into a XXX room where members can engage in cybersex "in front of" other members. Go with your gut and have fun no matter what – that's what you're there for, after all!

Camming and Video Chat

A step up from chat rooms, these features allow you to engage with other users in real time. You can keep things G-rated or go wild! These are also great ways to ensure that the profile and pictures you've been viewing truly to match up with the member's appearance and interests.

Live Events

While not all hookup sites offer live, in-person events​, many do, and they're an incredible way to meet people who share your interests! In addition to being a fun night out, they're especially great for fetish and preference-specific sites. Seeing just how many people share your fetish is a great confidence booster!

Upgrade Or Basic?

Your final decision – before committing to an actual hookup – will be whether to stick with the basic, unpaid membership which most hookup sites offer or pay for the upgrade​. Our best advice is to check out the paid benefits of each site individually. While all benefits may not be for everybody, we've found that many paid memberships offer real benefits you simply can't find with a free account. This is another example of following your gut – if you think you'd get your money's worth out of a paid account, go for it!

The Most Thrilling Hookup Sites Online

New hookup sites appear online everyday. Use our directory to help you find the hottest and best hookup app and free hookup dating sites for you today!

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