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Let's admit it: sex toys are the best. They enhance sexual pleasure and can make any sex encounter ten times more fun, at least! But where should you go about buying your sex toys? There are in person shops for sure, but we actually prefer to shop online. That is why we here at Ezhookups.com have put together an extensive directory featuring the very best in sex toys. So whether you are looking to start your collection or need new toys to add to your already extensive collection, look no further!

So What Are Sex Toys Exactly?


It's totally OK if you are asking yourself what sex toys are. Many folks are new to them and have lots of questions! Well, we are here to answer them. Sex toys are objects that are meant to enhance sexual pleasure. They can be super simple or incredible complicated. For as many weird and awesome kinks that people have, there are sex toys that reflect them. We think that sex should always be fun, which is why we love sex toys and you should too! Never forget that sex is about playing.

A Brief History of Sex Toys


Before we dive into our recommendations for sex toys, let's look back at the history of sex toys. There is evidence that the first sex toys date back as far as ancient Egypt! Artifacts that appear to be ancient dildos have been found in tombs and ruins.Yes, even the ancient Egyptians loved to masturbate with a dildo sex toy! Pretty much as long as people have been having sex they have been experimenting with sex toys. It wasn't until the age of the internet that sex toy creation and purchasing really took off because sex toys became so much easier to purchase.

What Sorts Of People Like To Use Sex Toys?


Are you wondering to yourself what sorts of people use sex toys? Well, we are here to tell you that pretty much every kind of person can use a sex toy. There are no restrictions or limits! However, there are three general kinds of people that tend to gravitate toward sex toys. Nearly everybody is one or two or all of these kinds of people. Even if you have never used a sex toy before, we're fairly certain after you read these three types of people you will definitely identify with at least one of them.

Sex Lovers

Sex lovers tend to love sex toys because toys enhance sex and make it even better. And if your a sex lover, what's not to love about extra pleasurable sex? Exactly! Sex lovers tend to gravitate toward more basic sex toys with no frills or extra enhancements. That is because like we mentioned before, they are all about the sex and only want to enhance it, not necessarily take it over.

Toy Lovers

If you love experimenting with toys then of course you are going to love sex toys! Sex can be fun but if you are a toy lover, you get turned on at the thought of using a sling or adding a cock ring to your sexual exploits. Sex toy lovers generally have a large collection of sex toys and know how to use them. They are the perfect lover to have if you are wanting to get into using sex toys but don't know where to start. Having sex with a toy lover is always a fun time, as long as you just go along for the ride!

Adventurous People

The last general type of person who loves sex toys is an adventurous person. What we mean by that is people who are not afraid of trying new things are always looking for something new and exciting. These people are often the first to test out new and weird sex toys. They may not have the basics, like dildos or vibrators, but they will definitely have a well-curated collection of the weirdest and most bizarre sex toys you've ever seen in your life!

General Sex Toys

The first main category of sex toys that we have is the General Sex Toys category. Here you will find all of the basic sex toys, from butt plugs to vibratos and everything in between. Each of these directory lists contains links to ten different sites that are full of hundreds of different kinds of sex toys. So if we do some simple math, that means there are 120 different sites with all of the best general sex toys for your to purchase! That is a lot, yes, so we imagine it will take you quite some time to make it all the way through these sites. But that's okay because you can always bookmark them and come back to them later.

Butt Plugs: you'll find butt plugs in all shapes made of all the best materials like silicone and glass and if you are new to anal play you can find the perfect beginner butt plugs to get your body used to the sensations.

Cock Rings: whether you're new to cock rings or an old pro, you'll find the perfect addition to your sex toy collection, including unique custom made ones from all around the world.

Condoms: you may not consider condoms a sex toy and yes they definitely are first and foremost for protection but when used properly they can be just as pleasurable as any sex toy!

Dildos: a good dildo is one of the best sex toys that any man, or woman, can have! From the most basic beginner dildos to entirely custom made, you'll find all of the best ones here.

Lubricants: a good lube can make or break a sexual experience; you can use it alone or with other sex toys to make your sex even better. From water based to oil to edible and everything in between, you'll find it all here!

Male Masturbators: sometimes using your hand can be a drag so we recommend investing in a top quality male masturbator, which can feel almost as good as the real thing!

Penis Extenders: can be a fun edition to your sex toys collection. Bigger is not necessarily better but it can be fun and these penis extenders not only maximize your size but also maximize your pleasure for the ultimate sexual encounter!

Penis Pumps: a penis pump is different from a sex extender in that it is a device you use to enhance the size of your penis and then you remove it. We scoured the internet for the very best penis pumps.

Sex Dolls: who doesn't love a good sex doll? From the very basic blow up ones to the most life-like sex dolls with technological enhancements, you'll find the next best thing to real human sex right here!

Sex Machines: a sex machine is not a sex doll and it is not a dildo, but it is somewhere in between. Think of a an extreme dildo that has mechanisms that do all the work for you. They are used a lot in BDSM and torture play as well!

Sex Slings: if you haven't had sex in a sling yet, you are truly missing out! sex slings offer a totally unique sexual experience that is great for all parties involved.

Vibrators: a good vibrator is a woman's best friend. We firmly believe that every woman should have a variety of vibrators that she can utilize no matter her mood or sexual preference.

BDSM Sex Toys

The next main category of sex toys that we have is the BDSM sex toys category. You'll find all sorts of speciality sex toys that focus on bondage, dominance, and submissive sex acts, from bondage sex toys to strap ons and everything in between. As mentioned above, each of this lists contains links to 10 sites, so that means there are 100 sites featuring hundreds and hundreds of different BDSM sex toys just waiting for you to dive in and make some purchases! And trust us, you won't be able to resist making a purchase, or ten. You'll find only the highest quality BDSM sex toys in this directory so you can shop happy and secure knowing you are making wise investments.

Bondage: bondage toys are BDSM toys that are meant to tie you up and restrict your movements. It can be something simple like handcuffs or more intricate like ropes and chains. Bondage play can be exhilarating but also dangerous so if you are new to it be sure to start off with beginner gear.

Cock & Ball: these sex toys are specifically for enhancing sexual pleasure for the penis and balls. You can get toys that restrict movement, increase pleasure, or make your penis and balls feel extra sensitive to touch.

Enemas & Douches: can be considered sex toys, especially if anal stimulation gets you all hot and bothered. But mostly, they are essential for having good, clean, and safe anal play. If you are investing in anal sex toys you should also make sure to douche regularly!

Floggers & Whips: are always a favourite. If you like being hit then whips and floggers may be the perfect sex toy for you! They can be soft and sensual caresses or actual leather whips that sting and leave marks—and of course it is all up to the person using these whips and floggers on you to set the force so make sure you trust them fully!

Latex: is more of a material than a sex toy but we gave it its own category because it is one of the most common and popular sex toy materials. Not only are the most basic condoms latex, but you can also get latex costumes and latex toys. Latex is very versatile and easy to clean and it is also super sexy to wear!

Leather just like latex, leather is another material that is used to create sex toys. However, leather has become so popular that it is it's own category of BDSM sex play. If you love dressing up in leather and dominating your lover then you should check out these sex toys for sure!

Mouth Gags: are used to restrict the wearer from being able to talk. Many folks find this super sexy and a huge turn on. You can get really simple fabric mouth gags or go for something more intense, like a ball gag. If you are new to using mouth gags, definitely start off small!

Nipple Clamps: are some of our fave BDSM sex toys. Nipples are so sensitive and even the smallest clamps can increase pleasure by so much!

Nipple Toys: like nipple clamps, nipple toys also help to increase nipple pleasure for the recipient. You'll find all sorts here, from soft and teasing to hard and rough.

Strap Ons: ladies, no matter what your sexual orientation, everyone can enjoy strap ons, whether you are wearing one or are the recipient.

So Now You're Ready To Start Purchasing Sex Toys For Your Collection!


Well, there you have it! We hope that you find this list super helpful for purchasing all sorts of sex toys! Regardless of whether you are a beginner and buying your first sex toy or your have a massive collection already, you are sure to find the perfect sex toy for you. Be sure to check back on these sites of often as they are always adding new sex toys and updating their merchandise. Plus there are always great sales to find too! You deserve only the very best sex toys and Ezhookups.com is here to provide it with this directory! Remember to always be safe but never be too afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things!

The Best General and BDSM Sex Toys

If you are looking for one place to find all the best general and BDSM sex toys, look no further! Ezhookups.com has a list of all the best sex toy sites.

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