Canada's Ultimate Hookup Spots: The Canada Hookup Bars & Canada Hookup Clubs You Want!


There are a ton of Canada hookup spots that you're going to want to check out while you're in the country. Whatever it is that you're looking to enjoy during your visit, our EZHookups Guide is sure to have what you want, and a variety of things you want, as well! When it comes to all of the best available comprehensive information, you can be entirely sure that you won't find a better online resource than EZHookups. We've done the legwork for you, so that you can get down to the fun part, and have a good time at all of the hottest Canada hookup spots! We know there is an awful lot to choose from, but you don't have to let that intimidate you. You've not got access to the only guide you will ever need to use online to find all of the best Canada hookup spots! We've got all of the goods, so keep on reading!

Our guide is broken down into several sections: Interesting Facts That Are Even Cooler Than Canada, The Best Canada Hookup Bars: The Bars You Want To Hookup At In Canada, The Best Canada Hookup Clubs: The Clubs In Canada You Want To Hookup At, The Ultimate Canada Hookup Spots: The City By City Canada Hookup Spots Guide!, and Even More Information On Canada Hookup Bars, Canada Hookup Clubs, & Other Canada Hookup Spots! What each of these sections covers is pretty self explanatory. Interesting Facts That Are Even Cooler Than Canada, will talk about some very cool Canadian facts. The Best Canada Hookup Bars: The Bars You Want To Hookup At In Canada will tell you all of the best Canadian hookup bars in each city. The Best Canada Hookup Clubs: The Clubs In Canada You Want To Hookup At has got all of the Canada hookup clubs you want, and The Ultimate Canada Hookup Spots: The City By City Canada Hookup Spots Guide! covers even more places, and other cool Canada hookup spots. If you still need more information, you'll find it when you check out, Even More Information On Canada Hookup Bars, Canada Hookup Clubs, & Other Canada Hookup Spots!

Interesting Facts That Are Even Cooler Than Canada

Let's get into some very cool facts about Canada before we get into all of the Canada hookup spots. There are a lot of interesting facts about Canada that you probably weren't aware of, and if you're going to impress your Canadian hookup, knowing these facts could certainly help you out with that.


Canada Is One Of The Largest Countries In The World: It's the second largest country in the world, to be exact. The largest country is Russia. Much of Canada remains uninhabited however, and the population of over 36 million tend to live in areas that are closer to the border, rather than more north. The winters are already cold enough! No need to be any colder!

Canada Has A Very Diverse Population: When it comes to the 36 million+ people who live in Canada, there is an awful lot of diversity. There aren't many places where you won't see a diverse population anymore, unless you're living in a rural area. The cities in Canada are incredibly diverse and boast many culturally specific areas within them. Toronto and Vancouver are both incredibly multicultural cities.

Canada Is Bilingual: It is true indeed! English and French are the two official Canadian languages. In fact, there is an entire province of Canada called Quebec, where there are many people who don't speak any English at all. Entire towns are entirely French-speaking, and when you visit cities such as Quebec City, you're likely to find that there aren't many, if any people around who speak English.

Canadians Love Hockey!: That might seem like a very stereotypical thing to say about Canadians, but as stereotypical as it might be, you can bet that most Canadians are definitely huge hockey fans, and take their Hockey Night In Canada games very seriously. When you're checking out the local Canada hookup spots, you'll be likely to gain points by cheering for the local team that's playing.

Canada Is The Most Educated Country In The World: What is the most educated country in the world? Well, if you guessed Canada, then you guessed right. With over half of Canadian residents holding college degrees, it's very likely that it'll take a lot more than just chatter about the weather and compliments to turn on the hotties you meet at Canada hookup spots! You're going to want to entice them with a little bit of your intellect as well!

Canada Alone Has More Lakes Than The Entire Rest Of The World Combined: How cool is that? This is one of the reasons that so many Canadians are always swimming and cottaging in the Summertime. It's a huge part of Canadian tradition to get out to the cottage in the Summer, and enjoy swimming in lakes. There are many parts of the country that boast incredibly beautiful cottage country areas, with cozy cottages (and some pretty huge ones) that rest on quiet lakes where Canadians can fish, boat, water ski, swim and do whatever else the feel like doing on the water. Canadians definitely do love their cottage time in the summer, and they've got more than their fair share of lakes to choose from!

The Best Canada Hookup Bars: The Bars You Want To Hook Up At In Canada


There are all kinds of Canada hookup spots that are sure to do the trick when you're looking to hookup, but there's nothing that beats a good hookup bar. With all of the right elements to set the mood and the tone, and all of the necessary elements that will ensure you will be able to be comfortable and social, Canada hookup bars have got everything one needs to make sure that they'll find their next hot hookup, and even though there are a lot of other options for hooking up in cities all over Canada, bars really do have it all. They've got the size needed, depending on your mood, and the kind of seating that keeps things separate, yet social. The lighting is ideal for making sure that everyone looks their absolute best, and the mood is kept cozy and intimate. The food is meant to keep you eating and while you spend your time and money on great drinks, and likely, your next hookup. Canada hookup bars are always a good time, and there's really never a bad time to head out, but you can bet that weekends are always the most lively. We've got some favorites listed below.

We all know that Canada hookup bars have got it going on when it comes to finding the best Canada hookup spots, you can find even more information when you check out out section, The Ultimate Canada Hookup Spots: The City By City Canada Hookup Spots Guide!. We've got all of the information you will need to find the hottest hookup bars all over the country, so keep on reading through this page, and start right here, with a few of our favorite Canada hookup bars!

Ship & Anchor Pub: Located in Calgary, Alberta, Ship & Anchor Pub is a popular hangout for every kind of crowd from tattoo'd bikers to men in business suits. The patio is outstanding and allows for even more fun and relaxation. With attentive staff, good pub far and affordable prices. This is a REAL pub, the kind where people know each other by name but you can also still find someone who is visiting for the first time.

Failte Irish Pub: Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Failte Irish Pub Failte Irish Pub is in the heart of Mississauga across from Square One. It's the go-to spot for a cold pint, a delicious meal and a great time out since 1998. Monday is Wing night - 94 cents each, $7.50 a pound for large roaster wings, after 4 pm with your choice of awesomesauce. $8 Bruschetta and $6 Muskoka Detour. Tuesday is Wing night - 94 cents each, $7.50 a pound for large roaster wings, after 4 pm with your choice of awesomesauce.

Vices & Versa: Located in Montreal, Quebec, Vices & Versa is a small modern speakeasy that is authentic too. The lab cocktail counter is a concept that is unique to this pub with sophisticated cocktails that are tailored to your tastes created with love by passionate mixologists. Mixing workshops are also offered for those who want to learn the art of making a great cocktail.

Bar Hop: Located in Toronto, Ontario, Bar Hop is not just another bar, it is a place to meet, relax and enjoy a top-notch beverage with amazing food too. This is the bar where you get top notch service in a completely relaxed atmosphere that will keep you coming back again and again. There's 36 brews on tap plus a rotating selection of one-offs brews too. Beer isn't the only thing that is a specialty here, you can also enjoy top-shelf bourbon, single malt scotch and tequila plus some of the best signature drinks around.

The Best Canada Hookup Clubs: The Clubs In Canada You Want To Hookup At

There are a lot of reasons why people might prefer to go to a Canadian hookup bar over a nightclub, or even another Canadian hookup spot. One thing is absolutely for sure though, and it's that you can bet everyone who shows up at a Canada hookup bar is pretty much there for the same reason, so if you can end up getting cozy with someone on the dance floor for more than one or two songs, you can pretty much bet that you've got someone that you're going to be headed home with. That's the goal when you head out Canada hookup bar anyway though, right? You want to get out and have some fun, for sure, but you're likely also wanting to ensure that you're going to be heading out and spending the night with a warm body next to you. There are a million reasons why Canada has some of the best hookup bars around. There are so many different ones to choose from, and every Canadian city definitely has their favorites. You'll be sure to find more than one that you end up liking, and you'll be likely to visit these hookup clubs more than once. With the high energy, the fantastic drinks that just seem to keep coming, and the wall to wall hottie situation, you're going to have your hands full when it comes to deciding who you're going to end up going home with from your favorite Canada hookup bar. If you find one that works for you though, then it's really a great idea to stick with it. As is usually the case, sticking with what works is the way that you'll end up having the best results, but don't be afraid to give something new a try now and then, too. Why not, right?

There is a lot to be said about why Canadian hookup clubs are such a good place to find hookups in Canada. Even if Canada hookup bars are the most successful way to go most of the time, you're sure to find Canadian hookup clubs offer some of the hottest action around, and if they do come in second to Canada hookup bars, it's not by much. Canada hookup clubs offer lots of great fun and hookup options, and if you need any more, take a look below at; The Ultimate Canada Hookup Spots: The City By City Canada Hookup Spots Guide!.

Twisted Element: Twisted Element Twisted Element a gay night club in the heart of Calgary, Alberta. Wednesday night is Karaoke Night in the downstairs Lounge with Carson from 9 pm to 2 am. Thursday night is Amateur Strip Contest from 12 am to 12:30 am with host Mr. Terri Stevens - first prize gets $150 cash! Friday night is Classi-Queen Show from 10:30 pm to 11:30 pm with hosts Mr. Terri Stevens and Justine Tyme - a show with a classic twist!

Sugar Daddy's: Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Sugar Daddy's is the hottest club in Mississauga featuring DJ Lil S, Mc Slick Vic and the Hammer bring you the hottest party in the city. The best and best dancehall, one drops, hip hop, R & B, Soca and Club Anthems. Thursday night is Live To Air on Z103.5 FM from 10 pm to 1 am. Friday night is Live to Air On 98.7 FM with Old School Fridays. Saturday is Turn It Up Saturdays Live To Air on G987 FM.

Club Unity: Located in Montreal, Quebec, Club Unity is a night club where there are always different music styles played in 2 rooms. There is a rooftop terrace as well to enjoy in the summer months that is amazing. Club Unity is in the heart of Montreal's Gay Village. Everyone is treated like family at Unity, that's their motto, whether you're a first timer or you're a long time customer, it doesn't matter.

Woody's: Located in Toronto, Ontario Woody's is right in the heart of Church-Wellesley Gay Village and is the busiest gay bar in the city. Nightly DJs, various different men's contests Thursday Saturday including best chest, ass and legs, a pool table and more than 20 monitors spread throughout featuring some of the sexiest images around. Woody's has also been featured in Queer A Folk. Never a cover charge any night of the week.

The Ultimate Canada Hookup Spots: The City By City Canadian Hookup Spots Guide!

Well, get ready for even more information, and remember that even with everything listed above, and everything listed directly below, this is still barely scratching the surface when it comes to all of the Canadian hookup spots. Calgary, Edmonton, Mississauga, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg. Whatever it is that your main reason for visiting any of these beautiful Canadian cities might be, you can be sure that you'll find all of the hottest information on Canadian hookups, when you use the awesome EZHookups directory that we've put together for you. Forget about trying to look and find all of the hottest Canada hookup spots individually, you'll find whatever it is that you're looking to find right in this comprehensive and detailed directory. It's simple to navigate, but the information is going to be exactly what you need to make an informed decision about where you want to head out. We've only begun to scratch the surface on this page, and you'll see what we mean for yourself, when you check out each of the individual city pages for the hottest Canadian hookup spots!

Canada Hookup Spots: Calgary

Singles are everywhere and they're ready to pounce! With a population of more than 1 million people in the city alone, you will always find someone (or several of them) that are right for you. Whether you're interested in heading out to a Flames or Stampeders game or a stroll through Prince's Island Park with someone special... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Edmonton

There are almost too many amazing singles in the city for you to even know where to start. The best part is, is that means that you will never have a terrible date, whether you are in Edmonton hookup bars, checking out the Edmonton Valley Zoo or taking a hike on one of the many amazing trails in the city using EZhookups means... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Mississauga

It's time for you to try out Mississauga hookup bars on Exhookups.com. This is where you will find everything to do with finding a hookup in the city. We've already done all of the hard work for you, so why not have a look at our top Mississauga hookup bars in this article to find your next date or... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Montreal

Hookup bars are fun and simple to find in Montreal. This is a city that has more than you can imagine in Canada. A Montreal hookup is waiting for you. There are tons of Montreal hookup bars in the best city in Quebec and you can find them on... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Ottawa

There's no time like the present to find a Ottawa hookup that's different from what you've experienced. There are so many singles in Ottawa who want to find a match and its never been easier than it is with our directory. Hundreds of singles are online now and they want to... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Toronto

Toronto hookup bars are easy to find in one of the most happening cities in Canada. You'll find the hookup you want completely on your terms day or night. You will easily get everything that you ever want or need for a hookup and much, much more! With a nightlife that is always booming in the city, you'll quickly... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Vancouver

There are thousands of singles who are hunting for like-minded people to connect with for some fun, a naughty hookup tryst or something casual that may happen a few times. It doesn't matter if you're meeting for a quickie or you want someone for something more... Read more.

Canada Hookup Spots: Winnipeg

Ezhookups.com is the top IT site to use to find the best Winnipeg hookup bars in the city. Take that first step now and shake up how you date today! Mix up your old routine and check out our list of some of the top hookup bars, clubs, and pubs that Winnipeg has... Read more.

Even More Information On Canada Hookup Bars, Canada Hookup Clubs, & Other Canada Hookup Spots!

Alright, so we've basically provided you with every bit of information you could possibly want on Canada hookup spots, and we've also got a whole lot more for you to choose from. When you scroll up, you'll be able to select whichever Canadian city you want to take a closer look at, and find even more selections that you'll be able to choose from for your next Canada hookup spot. There is a huge wealth of information, and you're sure to be able to find exactly what it is that you're looking for within this EZHookups directory. Other wise, it's all good! If you feel you need some more information, we've got you covered there, too, Take a look below, and check out the additional links we've provided for your convenience. If you had any questions left, these should cover them.

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Canada's Most Excellent Hookup Spots!

We've got all of the goods that you want, when it comes to giving you the skinny on the very best and in demand Canada hookup spots, so keep on reading!

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