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EZHookups.com is one of the best hookup and online dating advice sites on the internet, which thousands of people use when they're looking for a little help with finding love, or getting a little sex advice before a hot date.

These 40 online dating, sex, hookup, and dating advice articles, when read by you and your friends (hint: you should share these articles with them so that all your friends can also benefit), will enhance and improve your dating life without question. We may not answer the exact question that's been keeping you awake at nights, but there's definitely going to be questions that are closely related enough that the advice can be applied. Sex and hookup advice articles about topics likeIs Online Dating Good For Interracial Dating?, How To Protect Yourself From An Online Dating Scam, How To Avoid High Maintenance Singles On Dating Apps, Why Do Men Date Bitchy Women?, How To Avoid High Maintenance Singles, How to Hookup On A Budget, and so many more!

The Four Quarters of EZHookups' Sex Advice Guide

We've broken down this guide into four parts, that cover what we see as the most important things that cover the sex advice that will help you get more hookups, online dates, and maybe even a full-fledged relationship if that's what you're looking for.

We've got your Sex Advice, your Dating Advice, your Hookup Advice, and your Online Dating Advice (yes, online dating is VERY different from regular dating), all broken down to make you a master of your own sex life.

How To Use This Guide


We know what you're thinking. Why do you need to be told how to use this guide. It's pretty self-explanatory. You're right, but there's so much incredible dating and hookup advice here, that we want to be absolutely certain that you don't miss anything that could help you out.

Like we said, we've broken it down into four quarters (hookup advice,online dating advice, sex advice, and dating advice) so you can go directly to the topics that most interest you.

Each section has 10 articles.

Binge Read

You may be used to binge watching your favorite television shows on Netflix. Consuming all of this content in one sitting is the way that some people are going to best benefit and learn from it.

Take Your Time

If your life is too busy to sit down and read 40 articles in one sitting, you can keep track section by section, and only read the articles from each section, whether it be sex advice articles or hookup articles, that you absolutely know you relate to, and can learn from.

Enough of that stuff though. Let's get to the article by article breakdown of the online dating advice and more that we have to help you out there in the dating world.

EZHookups Sex Advice

This is the advice for those of you who want to get straight to the good stuff.

Will Rebound Sex Actually Help You Move On?

If you're going through a tough breakup, and are thinking about getting over it with some rebound sex, check this out.

Why Every Couple Benefits From A 30-Day Sex Challenge

Is your relationship not as hot as it used to be? Find out why taking the 30-day sex challenge can help you.

What Is The Best Porn To Watch With Your Partner?

You might be dipping your toe into the waters of watching porn with your partner. Check out this article to find out what you might want to check out first.

What Does "Heteroflexible" Mean?

Are you thinking you might be, or are possibly dating someone that's heteroflexible?

Is It Possible To Masturbate Too Much?

Everyone does it, but is it possible to masturbate too much?

Is It Normal To Queef During Sex?

Lots of things happen during sex, that not everyone talks about. Is queefing during sex one of those things?

How To Have Mess-Free Period Sex

You can't let menstruation get in the way of some great sex. This how to will help you enjoy mess-free period sex.

How To Have Hot Vacation Sex

Let us help you have the hottest vacation sex you've ever had.

How To Have A Quickie That Gets You Both Off

Pressed for time, but want to make sure your partner has a good time too? This quickie advice will blow your mind.

How To Enjoy Sex After An Abusive Relationship

Let us help you get back to enjoying sex after being in a bad relationship.

EZHookups Dating Advice

Here's some help for when you're out in the dating world, but need a little bit of help to take it to the next level.

Why Is Dating So Hard?

Find out why things aren't as easy

Why Does Nobody Want To Date Me?

These tips will help you get some dates.

Why Do Men Date Bitchy Women?

One of life's biggest mysteries is finally solved!

Should You Bring Up Your Ex On The First Date?

The answer will probably surprise you, but you should definitely read this you go out on a first date.

How Long Should You Wait To Text Back?

Make sure you don't look too eager.

What Is "Cushioning?"

There are new trends in dating every day. Do you know what cushioning is?

What Is ShaveDucking?

You thought we were kidding about new trends, didn't you? Is ShaveDucking affecting your dating life?

What Is Orbiting?

Avoiding orbiting will improve your dating life significantly. Find out what it is, and how to date better right now!

What Is Caspering?

Chances are you've been Caspered at least once or twice. Read more on the topic, and educate yourself.

How To Get Over Someone You Never Dated

Getting over unrequited feelings for someone you never dated is rarely talked about, but we've got you covered.

EZHookups Hookup Advice

If you're not interested in a relationship, and just want to navigate the world in terms of hookups, these are the hookup advice articles for you.

Why Are More Straight People Having Same-Sex Hookups?

You might not have even known this was happening, but you should definitely find out why.

How To Hook Up With Someone Out Of Your League

Looking to date someone who's way hotter than you? Take out your notepad, and read this article.

How To Hook Up On A Budget

We all know how expensive hooking up and dating can be. This will help you save money but still get laid!

Are Casual Hookups For You?

We'll give you the answer. It's 'no'. But they MIGHT BE for you.

How To Hook Up With Your Roommate Without Things Getting Weird

Before you potentially make your living situation awkward, read this article.

How To Tell Someone You Just Want To Hook Up

Not interested in a relationship, but don't want to hurt your partner's feelings? Read this to find out the best way to tell them.

Should You Add Your Hookup On FaceBook?

Don't accept that friend request before you read this.

Should I Have A Hookup Journal?

Keeping track of your sexual exploits in a journal is a pretty popular thing to do these days. Find out if you should do it too.

Should I Have A Contract For Consensual Hookups?

Check this out before you ask your hookup to sign a consent contract.

Can I Turn A Hookup Into A Serious Relationship?

This is for you if you've been hooking up with someone you want more from.

EZHookups Online Dating Advice

Should I Get Rid Of My Dating Apps In A New Relationship?

You could save on your data plan, but read this first.

Who Should I Avoid On Dating Apps?

This article will improve your good date to bad date ratio, guaranteed.

Is Online Dating Good For Interracial Dating?

Find out the best spots for your interracial dating needs.

How To Protect Yourself From An Online Dating Scam

Online dating is usually a beautiful thing, but sometimes you have to be careful to avoid the

How To Avoid High Maintenance Singles On Dating Apps

The key to great dating is avoiding high maintenance singles.

Should I Mention I Have Kids On My Dating App?

Sometimes you might wonder how and when to let potential dates know about your kids.

Why Dating Apps Are Great For Travel

When you're on a trip, and want to get laid, dating apps are your best friend. Find out how!

How To Use Dating Apps Over 40

There's an idea that dating apps are only for younger singles. That's nonsense. If you're over 40, these are the tips that

Should Dating Apps Come With Safety Features

There's been some debate regarding who's responsible for your safety when it comes to going out with strangers that you met through a dating app. What do youthink?

Why You Should Smile In Your Profile Pics

Sometimes being single is hard, and you don't feel like smiling. We understand, but really want to let you know how important it is for you to

smile in your profile pic if you want to attract more people.

So there you have it. 40 in-depth sex advice and dating advice articles that are going to help you improve your dating, hookup and sex life, as soon as you start reading them. Share them with your bffs, and create a circle of friends that's made up of expert daters.

The Best Hookup Advice Guide Online - EZHookups.com

Want to know how to get laid? EZHookups has all of the online dating advice, sex advice, hookup advice, and IRL sex advice you need to get more action!

The Best Hookup Advice Guide Online - EZHookups.com