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When it comes to finding sex stories to read you need to know where exactly where you can find them. Not every story that you read online is going to be worth your time or energy or will cater to all the sexualities and kinks that you want either. When you visit EZHookups.com you never have to worry about not feeling satisfied with the sex stories that you find online. They have a list of the best sites for sex stories in every category including BDSM sex stories, LGBT sex stories, and work sex stories! All you need to do is continue reading the guide below to learn which sites you can find them.

What Are Sex Stories?


The first question that you are probably asking yourself is what are sex stories. Sex stories are just stories that are all about sex. These stories often feature characters and people having sex with each other. They are often considered to be another form of porn and they are especially popular with women. You just need to have a good imagination and you can experience every kind of sexual fantasy that you could ever want just by reading about them. Sex stories are fun and can be enjoyed by anyone as long as you have access to the Internet either through your computer or your phone.

The sites that host sex stories usually organize them using different tags and themes. These tags help readers find sex stories that have similar scenarios, experiences, sexual acts, kinks, and fetishes. You can read them on any kind of electronic device and some of them even work on your phone so that you can take them with you wherever you go! There are even some sex stories that you can download onto your electronic devices to read them again and again. Sex stories can be written in the first-person, second-person, or third-person point of view which puts you in the middle of the action.

A Brief History Of Sex Stories

Sex stories have always been popular. In the past, these stories were actually erotic poems and were passed around by the writers or poets to small groups of people. In fact, William Shakespeare wrote a few erotic poems that are still read today. During the Medieval period, there were lots of folktales that were about sex and were filled with detailed erotic imagery and depictions of sex. In the 17th century, the Earl of Rochester was infamous for writing erotic poems but they were not published until after his death. There were even a few collections of erotic poems that parodied popular poetry of the time. John Wilkes was famous for writing obscene parodies of some of Alexander Pope's poetry. Although people have always written about sex, it didn't become easily accessible until the after the invention of the printing press.

In the 18th century, the rise of the novel became the new way for erotic literature to become popular. This type of erotic fiction was called literary erotic fiction and the most famous example is a novel called Fanny Hill. It was written by John Cleland and is considered to be the first pornographic or erotic novel in history. The story follows a woman named Fanny who is retelling her sexual experiences as a young woman including her lesbian experience with a prostitute. It also came with tons of erotic images that illustrated the different sex scenes in the book. It's been reprinted many times and the book was even adapted into a film into the 20th century.

In the late 18th century, BDSM was introduced into sex stories. This was the century where Justine, or the Misfortunes of Virtue and 120 Days of Sodom both written by the Marquis de Sade were released and featured some of the first depictions of sadism. His novels were famous for their depictions of violence, suffering, and absolute freedom when it comes to sex and sexual activity. The word "sadism" comes from the Marquis de Sade's name. In 1870, Venus in Furs which depicted one of the first examples of female domination had a woman named Wanda humiliate a man who is in love with her and both of them becoming sexually aroused by this degradation. We actually get the term "masochism" from the author, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch's name.

While in the past, sex stories needed to be kept hidden for fear of prosecution, that started to change small ways in 1908 with the publication of women's romance novels. These novels were marketed to women and were infamous for having lots of graphic sex scenes. There was a change in attitude with the publication of the "Story of O", a graphic story of female submission, which actually won the French literature prize in 1955. Since then, sex has been a hot topic in many novels. Today, sex stories can be found anywhere. You can even buy erotic fiction in bookstores! But the best place to find these sex stories is online because you can usually find them for free. Online sex stories are available in many different formats including short stories, flash fiction, comics, graphic novels, novellas, and novels.

Fictional vs. True Sex Stories

Sex stories mainly come in two different types: fiction and non-fiction. Fictional sex stories are stories that are written about characters not real people. A lot of fictional stories are genre stories like science-fiction, fantasy, romance, detective, college, high school, and more. These sex stories have fun and interesting scenarios and even when they look like reality, they are not usually written about real experiences or real people. If the character is popular, they might even have multiple sex stories written about them.

True sex stories or non-fiction sex stories are based on real sexual experiences. The writers of these stories talk about their hookups, threesomes, orgies and personal sexual relationships. They are usually in the first-person point of view and will start by saying that they are about true experiences. These true sex stories are about real people and sometimes they become confessions for the writer. These sex stories are based on fact and are all about the small details which help the reader get into them.

Why Read Sex Stories?


There are lots of different reasons why people love sex stories. These stories are fun, exciting and let people share their most exciting sexual experiences to a willing audience. They can excite and arouse people and also encourage them to try new things. Everyone loves sex and sex stories is just another way that people can share their love of sex. Since many of these stories are hosted on forums or sites with interactive communities, reading sex stories is also a good way to make friends with people who share your love of sex.

To Get Ideas

One of the biggest reasons that people love to read sex stories is to get ideas for their own sex lives. Sometimes things in the bedroom can get a little stale especially if you're doing the same things over and over again with the same person. That's when you can turn to porn and sex stories to get ideas on how to make sex better. You can find new positions, sex toys, roleplaying scenarios, and relationships by reading these sex stories. Sex stories can even help people figure out their sexuality or the things that they love most about sex by showing them the types of stories and kinks that they're most attracted to reading. Great sex needs a good imagination and these stories help you use your imagination in creative ways.

For Fun

Reading about sex and people having sex is fun. When you read sex stories you get to live vicariously through other writers and even characters in the stories. You get to try out all different kinds of sexual fantasies and positions without actually having to do them yourself. These stories are something that you can read for pleasure and entertainment. They have everything that you need to keep your mind occupied including interesting characters, fun scenarios, and of course, hot sex. It's a great way to spend a few hours or to do when you're feeling lonely and bored. Doing things that you love to do will make you happier which will boost your sex life. If you want to have fun, try reading a sex story or two.

You Love Sex

If you love sex, then you want to enjoy in any way that you can even when you're not having it. Everyone has sexual urges and when that happens, they need a way to satisfy them which is why they start reading sex stories. You can enjoy all the sex that you want by reading sex stories. You can find sex stories featuring threesomes, gangbangs, gay sex, lesbian sex, and any other kind of sex that you can imagine. When you love sex, you want to experience it in any way that you can and these types of sites are perfect for that. These sex stories are uncensored which means that you can find the hottest sex with the most detailed descriptions. You never have to worry about their sex stories leaving you soft or unsatisfied since there are so many different types of sex stories to read.


This might not be a popular reason for everyone but sex stories can be easily read wherever you go. Sex stories are available online which means that as long as you have access to the Internet, you can read these stories. You can even read them in public like when you're waiting for the bus or waiting for an appointment. If you love delayed gratification, then reading sex stories are perfect for you. The best part? Nobody knows that you're reading erotic fiction since they can't see the cover or read the words. It's a great alternative for anyone who feels shy about reading something like 50 Shades of Grey in public. You can even read these hot sex stories on vacation as many of the sites let you download their stories onto your phone. There are even some that are available as audio stories which means that you can listen to them for hands-free pleasure.

The EZHookups Sex Stories Directory


Sex stories are available everywhere on the internet. There are sites that are just dedicated to them and other sites where they are just a perk for members. The world of online sex stories can be kind of confusing but if you are looking for the best sites and sex stories you've come to the right place. The directory below has a list of all the different sex sites by category. You can find large collections of general sex stories, free sex stories, and fan fiction sex stories which feature your favorite characters, or you can find niche and BDSM sex stories.

What's Next?

Now that you have read our directory, what happens next? Well, just pick any one of the lists to find sex stories that you can read right away. By clicking on the links of category and sub-category pages, you will get instant access to a list of the Top 10 sex stories in that category. Whatever type of sex stories that you're into, you can find them in the directory. Now that you've read about everything that we have to offer, it's time to start reading!

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