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When it comes to making the most out hitting the best hookup spots worldwide, you really need to have the best sources to draw that information from, and you've definitely found one of the best sources online, right here at EZHookups! Whether you're in the UK, US, Canada, or anywhere else, we've got you covered with all of the hottest hookup spots. You won't need to look any further once you've checked out our information!

You'll get all of the information you could possibly be looking for when you take a look below, and check out the the information we've provided. Our three main sections that you're going to want to check out are: Why Bars & Clubs Are Our Go-To Hookup Spots, The Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, and Hookup Spots You Want To Check Out Worldwide, and Even More Information On The Best Hookup Spots, Hookup Bars, And Hookup Clubs. We'll talk about why it is that hookup bars & clubs are the places we love to go to for hookups in our first section. We'll then fill you in on all of our top recommendations for the hottest UK hookup spots, US hookup Spots, and Canadian hookup spots - we've got the places you want to check out!

Why Bars & Clubs Are Our Go-To Hookup Spots


Bars and clubs really have been the go-to for hookup spots around the world, for as long as anyone currently alive can remember. The reasons why this is the case, are actually as simple as the concept of these establishments themselves. Times and traditions have changed over the years and as a result, so have our social habits and how we meet one another. Here are the best points to describe why bars and clubs are always the best choice for hookup spots.

People Are Here To Socialize! Let's simply start out by stating the obvious. This is why people come out to hookup bars & clubs in the first place. Sure, there are some people who just hit the clubs to dance, but most people are looking out for their next hookup and they know that when they head to their favorite hookup bar or hookup club, they can expect to be in social surroundings that they're comfortable in, and that there will be lots of fine folks to socialize with and get cozy with by the end of the night. There are always going to be new people to meet!

They're Open Late - So There's No Rush

This isn't necessarily going to be a quick stop, so there's time to spend chatting with people at hookup spots like bars and clubs because they're open late, and they also tend to be open during times like the holidays, when some of us are at our most lonely. These hookup spots are reliable, because you know they're always going to be open on the nights that they advertise, and that they're always going to be open late, so that you can relax and take your time chatting with your next hookup.

The Mood Is Just Right

All of the elements for effective ambiance are in place at hookup spots like bars and clubs. From cozy seating, to the light shows on the dance floor, and everything in between, these hookup spots are designed to set the mood for your next hookup. The lighting is setup to flatter everyone, the seating is strategically setup to encourage socializing, and the lights on the dance floor are setup to make everyone look like a superstar. You can't really find more ideal circumstances than the ones that are in place at you favorite hook up spots.

People Are Here To Hook Up - Simple!

The reason people come to these places in the first place is to hook up. This is why people have come in the first place. They're here to meet people, and when a bunch of people enter the same place for the same reasons, it makes connections that much easier to be had. People are open to meeting each other and they want to have social and physical connections, so before anything even happens, and the rest of the elements have a chance to work their magic, the intention is already clear.

The Entire Vibe Is Social

The whole vibe of bars and clubs is set up to make them the ideal hookup spots, by encouraging and facilitating conversation and connections. Even dance floors are designed to get people moving, and to connect physically. A few drinks are always sure to help bring out the social side of just about anyone as well! The more drinks one has, the lower their inhibitions become. We're all pretty aware of that! The entire vibe is meant to bring out the social side of everyone, and to help make connections happen!

The Hookup Bars, Hookup Clubs, and Hookup Spots You Want To Check Out Worldwide


There are more hookup spots than you could possibly imagine, and we've got all of the US hookup spots, UK hookup spots, and Canada hookup spots that you could possibly want to check out. You'll also find direct links to help you find what you're looking for when you check out our complete city and country hookup pages. We've got all of the best recommendations available for the best hookup spots in each area!

The Best Hookup Spots In The US

The US is one of the largest countries in the world, and with well over 300 million people living in the country, you're sure to find the best hookup spots to make the most of a hot night out! There are few people around the world who have mastered the art of hooking up the way that they Americans have, so it's sure that you'll have one of the best nights out possible when you head out just about anywhere in the US. There's something happening in every city in the country, and we've got a great collection of US hookup bars, US hookup clubs, and all of the best hookup spots. Check out our full directory of US cities, too:

The Best US Hookup Bars Hop City Craft Beer & Wine in Atlanta, GA; The Hawthorne Bar in Boston, MA; The Atlantis Gentlemen's Club in Chicago, IL; The Rattlesnake Bar in Dallas, TX; The Beauty Bar in Denver, CO; Cornerstone Barrel House in Detroit, MI; Everson Royce Bar in Los Angeles, CA; Fox and Crow in New Jersey, NJ; BMC Jazz Club in New Orleans, LA; The Output in New York City, NY; Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar in Philadelphia, PA; Scandals in Portland, OR; The Tipsy Crow in San Diego, CA; Badlands in San Francisco CA; Good Bar in Seattle, WA.

The Hottest US Hookup Clubs: MJQ Concourse in Atlanta, GA; The Royale Nightclub in Boston; The Prysm Nightclub in Chicago; The Pavilion Club in Dallas; Club Vinyl in Denver; Club Gold Coast in Detroit; Oil Can Harry's in Los Angeles; Purdy Lounge in Miami; Masquerade Nightclub in New Orleans; Bossa Nova Civic Club in New York City; The Omnia Nightclub in San Diego; Bondage-a-Go-Go in San Francisco; C.C. Attle's in Seattle; Mary's Club in Portland; and Town Danceboutique in Washington DC.

Even More Notable US Hookup Spots:Atlanta Eagle in Atlanta, GA; Cathedral Station in Boston, MA; Little Jim's in Chicago, IL; Colette Dallas in Dallas, TX; The Stereo Lounge in Denver CO; Flowers Of Vietnam in Detroit, MI; Blue Collar in Los Angeles, CA; The OCHO in Miami, FL; 19 Bar in Minneapolis, MN; Twelve Mile Limit in New Orleans, LA; The Cielo Dance Club in New York City, NY; The Whisper Nightclub in Philadelphia, PA; The Gossip Grill in San Diego, CA; SF Eagle in San Francisco, CA; and Copycat Co. in Washington, DC.

When it comes to information on the hottest US hookup spots around, we've only begun to scratch the surface with these options! When you check out our directory, you'll find many more exciting US hookup bars, US hookup clubs, and US hookup spots altogether. All you need to do is Click Here, and you'll be directed to our complete directory, when you'll be sure to find a hookup spot that sounds just perfect to you, in cities all over the US.

The Best UK Hookup Spots

Most people are aware that UK stands for United Kingdom, but do you know all of the different countries that make up the UK? The four countries are England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. So, when you hear people talking about the UK, they could be talking about any of the mentioned countries. This is a small part of the world, each of these countries are very small, and even put together, they still represent a small area. Their populations are large though, and so are the hookup possibilities! Keep reading:

The Best UK Hookup Bars:The O2 Institute in Birmingham, England; On the Rocks Bar Crawl in Brighton, England; Hyde & Co. in Bristol, England; Dragonfly in Edinburgh, Scotland; Riding Room in Glasgow, Scotland; North Bar in Leeds, England; Jenny's Bar in Liverpool, England; The Book Club in London, England; Velvet Hotel & Bar in Manchester, England; and The Viper Rooms in Sheffield, England.

The Best UK Hookup Clubs:Nightingale Club in Birmingham, England; Coalition in Brighton, England; OMG Bar Bristol in Bristol, England; Liquid Room in Edinburgh, Scotland; Sub Club in Glasgow, Scotland; Mint Warehouse in Leeds, England; Heaven Liverpool in Liverpool, England; Xoyo in London, England; Suburbia Cocktail Co. in Manchester, England; and Dempseys Bar and Club in Sheffield, England.

Other Great UK Hookup Spots: Lab 11 in Birmingham, England; Club Revenge in Brighton, England; Thakla in Bristol, England; Cabaret Voltaire in Edinburgh, Scotland; The Flying Duck in Glasgow, Scotland; Ku De Ta in Leeds, England; Townhouse Swingers in Liverpool, England; The Nest in London, England; Amour Swinging Club in Manchester, England; and La Chambre in Sheffield, England.

Just like our information on the hottest US hookup spots, you'll find even more information on our UK hookup spots here. Simply Click Here, and you'll be taken directly to our awesome and complete directory of the hottest hookup spots in the UK! All of the best UK hookup spots, UK hookup bars, and UK hookup clubs can be found in our comprehensive directory.

The Best Canada Hookup Spots

You might know that Canada is a large country, but did you know that it's the second largest country in the world, next only to Russia? It's true! Canada also only has a population of about 36 million people, but luckily they're all conveniently located nice and close to the US border, for the most part. Make no mistake though, Canada boasts some of the hottest nightlife you'll find any where, check out our guide for hot Canadian hookup spots:

The Best Canada Hookup Bars: Ship & Anchor Pub in Calgary, AB; Bar Bricco in Edmonton AB; &Company Resto Bar in Mississauga, ON; Reggies Bar in Montreal, QC; The Lookout Bar in Ottawa, ON; Madison Avenue Pub in Toronto, ON; The Lamplighter Public House in Vancouver, BC; and Shark Club Winnipeg in Winnipeg, MB

Fantastic Canada Hookup Clubs: Twisted Element in Calgary, AB; Celebrities Nightclub in Edmonton AB; Blue Suede Sue's in Mississauga, ON; Apt. 200 in Montreal, QC; Mercury Lounge in Ottawa, ON; Woody's in Toronto, ON; Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver, BC; and World Famous Palomino Club in Winnipeg, MB

Other Great Canada Hookup Spots: The Hifi Club in Calgary, AB; B Street Bar in Edmonton AB; Sugar Daddy's in Mississauga, ON; Casa del Popolo in Montreal, QC; The Bourbon Room in Ottawa, ON; Crews and Tangos in Toronto, ON; Bar None Nightclub in Vancouver, BC; and Fame Nightclub in Winnipeg, MB

Just as before, if you want to find all of the best information on the hottest Canada hookup spots, we've got it all! There are lots more places in each of these cities for you to choose from, you simply need to go ahead and take a look at our amazing, complete directory, by Clicking Here.

Even More Information On The Best Hookup Spots, Hookup Bars, And Hookup Clubs


We've put together a pretty comprehensive guide for you, but when it comes to outlining all of the best hookup bars, hookup clubs, and other hookup spots in the US, UK, and Canada. Whatever it is that you're into, or looking for, you can pretty much bet that you're going to find it in our amazing comprehensive directory! Don't feel like scrolling back up? Don't worry, you can go ahead and Click Here for US hookup spots, Click Here for UK hookup spots, and click here for the hottest Canadian hookup spots. There's no question that you'll be able to find the best places around in each country, but if you're still looking for some more you'll be able to head back up and check out our complete local directories for each country, or you can check these additional resources out as well:

The Hottest Hookup Spots Worldwide

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