United States Hookup Spots: Must-See Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs


There really are so many hookup spots in the US, that it car be really hard to narrow down all of the best options available. With almost 63,000 hookup bars and hookup clubs in the country, it can seem impossible to narrow down the options. We've done it, though! It's no secret that it isn't that difficult to get laid in the US, so when you're looking for the best cities to visit for hot hookup spots, there are plenty to choose from.

You are very much sure to find incredibly hot hookup spots in every city in the US, and whether you're into high energy nightclub vibes, or you prefer to chill in a sports bar type atmosphere, there ARE plenty of excellent options for you to choose from, when you check out this fantastic guide.

There are a lot of guides out there, but not all of them are going to help you find the very best hookup spots that can pretty much assure you will get laid. When you want the best options available, and you want GOOD options for hot hookups, then you're going to want to make sure that you're using our incredible guide for all of the best US hookup bars, hookup clubs, and hookup spots. You won't find a better, more detailed directory anywhere, than you will here at, EZHookup. Whatever it is that you're looking for, you can be sure that we've got the place where you'll find your next hookup in the United States!

In the interest of getting right down to business and diving into what you'll find in the EZHookup Guide, we'll take a closer look, and give you the breakdown. We're going to discuss Some Cool Facts About The United States, Hookup Bars In The US: The Very Best US Hookup Bars In The Country, Hookup Clubs In The US: The Clubs With Your Best Chances To Hookup, Hookup Spots In The Us: Your Guide To The Hottest Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs In Each Listed City, and More Resources To Help You Find The Hottest US Hookup Bars, US Hookup Clubs, & Various Other US Hookup Spots. In our Some Cool Facts About The United States section, we'll talk about a few things that you'll want to know about the US, before you start hooking up with the locals. In Hookup Bars In The US: The Very Best US Hookup Bars In The Country, we'll take a look at the hottest hookup bars in the US, and tell you a bit about them. We'll take a look at the US hookup clubs we like best in, Hookup Clubs In The US: The Clubs With Your Best Chances To Hook Up, and you can bet that we'll get everything in between, in our Hookup Spots In The Us: Your Guide To The Hottest Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs In Each Listed City section. We'll finish up with More Resources To Help You Find The Hottest US Hookup Bars, US Hookup Clubs, & Various Other US Hookup Spots. Some additional info to make sure you're covered. You'll find all of the information you're looking to find in this great guide!

Some Cool Facts About The United States

As mentioned above, it's time to start talking a little bit about the United States, and some of the very cool features that make it unique! When it comes to countries with a lot going on, including lots of hookups to be had, you'd be pretty hard fought to find a country that delivers more than the US. It's a very diverse country, and definitely one of the most interesting in the world, as a result. So, what is it that makes the United States so interesting, and what is it that we can expect to love about this country when it comes to hookup spots? Keep reading and see!


The United States Is One Of The Most Diverse Countries In The World: Whatever flavor of people you might happen to like the best, you're sure to find them here in the United States! The US has a population of close to 327,000,000, and that population represents just about every race that you can think of. Being a country that was built on immigration, the US has long welcomed people from all over the world to become citizens, and this has created a smorgasbord of hotties, of all races, for any visitor to the US to hookup with.

Some Of The Most Vibrant And Exciting Cities In The World:

You can bet that the big three cities in the United States: New York City, New York; Los Angeles, California; and Chicago, Illinois have got some of the most beautiful people, in the most beautiful varieties (as we discussed above). You'll love the vibe that each major city in the US has to offer, and the US hookup spots are beyond plenty. The big three are always easy to pick out in terms of how lively they are, but there are some other amazing cities in the United States that you need to be checking out like, Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, and Washington DC, just to name a few. Whichever city you're visiting US hookup spots in, you'll be sure to have an amazing time! Each city has its own unique vibe that you are sure to appreciate. You'll love exploring here!

Americans Work Very Hard!: On the off chance that you aren't already aware of this, Americans are some of the hardest working people in the world! The average American adult works about 47 hours per week, which can also be translated into about 6 days per week, so you can bet that on their time off, Americans are looking to get out and have a great time, and enjoy some hot hookups. With so many awesome hookup spots in each city across the country, it's no wonder why hooking up is a favorite past time of Americans. At least 47 hours a week? That sounds like a great reason to blow off some steam at a hot US hookup spot!

Americans Are The Most Likely To Help A Stranger - In The World!: Did you know that? Well, it's true, according to the World Giving Index! Who wouldn't want to hit up the hottest US hookup spots in a country where the people are so giving? Americans are also known for being incredibly giving in other ways as well, so when it comes to hooking up, as long as you're being cool, you can bet that a kind American will be more than happy to join you for a hot evening. Don't take that out of context though, because Americans definitely do have standards. Be on your best - everything - when heading out to your next US hookup spot. That's how you can be sure to land a hottie!

Pizza Is The Way To Any American's Heart: So, who eats more pizza than Americans? The answer is: no one! Americans love pizza, and there are over 60,000 pizzerias in the USA! If you're wondering where that oldest pizzeria in the US is, and when it opened, that would be NYC, in the year it opened up was 1905. Talk about dedication! Whether it's classic NYC-style pizza, or incredible Chicago deep dish amazing-ness, you can be sure that the way to the heart of your next American hookup is going to be through their stomach - with pizza. Make sure the US hookup spot you hit up is next to a pizza shop!

Philadelphia Was The Original Capital Of The United States:

So, not only is Philadelphia an amazing city where you're sure to have some pretty incredible hookups, but it also used to be the capital of the United States until 1790, when Washington DC because the capital. If there's anything that both of these cities are still the capital of though, it's having some of the hottest US hookup spots you'll find anywhere. Philadelphia is still, of course, the city of brotherly love as well, and we all know that Washington DC is the go-to city in the US when it comes to sex with a side of politics! Just like every other city in the United States though, there is definitely no shortage of US hookup spots in Philly, Washington DC, or any other American city that we cover in this guide. Believe it!

Hookup Bars In The US: The Very Best US Hookup Bars In The Country


No matter how you slice it, the United States has got some of the best hookup spots in the world, but when it comes to what the ideal places to hook up are, our money is pretty much always on hookup bars. You can be pretty sure that the mood in a hookup bar in the US is going to be almost certain to yield the hookup results you're looking for. Sure, we're only going to show you 5 bars right here, but you when you look through our incredible city by city guide, Hookup Spots In The Us: Your Guide To The Hottest Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs In Each Listed City you'll be able to find tons more, in cities located all over the United States. In the meantime though, take a look at these awesome US hookup bars!

Hop City Craft Beer & Wine: Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Hop City Craft Beer & Wine has got the best possible selection of local beers on tap, as well as some wine to try out as well! This place has been around since 2009, and has such a great reputation for a reason

Red Lion Tavern: Located in Los Angeles, California, Red Lion Tavern is one of the coolest places to have a great meal with some tasty beer, and meet your next LA hookup. You can bet that you won't be leaving this place by yourself!

The Sugar Bar: The Sugar Bar is a rooftop bar in the city of Miami, Florida with an Asian flair. It also has a restaurant too. Take elevator pass the fortieth floor and then you would go to the rooftop lounge of the East Hotel in the Brickell district. On the rooftop, you will see the surrounding waterways and an amazing view of the city.

The Rusty Nail: Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, The Rusty Nail is where you'll have a blast while you enjoy some excellent cocktails out on the patio. More of a scotch person? Then you've definitely come to the right place! This vast scotch selection is sure to impress you and your next New Orleans hookup!

Good Bar: Located in Seattle, Washington, Good Bar is the place to go for some of the best bar bites in town, and you'll love the incredible cocktails that they serve here as well! Make sure you check out happy hour between 4pm and 7pm as well! The deals are awesome!

Hookup Clubs In The US: The Clubs With Your Best Chances To Hookup

Sure, hookup bars are awesome, but let's be realistic, there is an entire market for hookup clubs, and the people who like to frequent them are all generally going there for a reason, so finding your next hookup in a US Hookup Club is about as easy as it comes! There might be the odd few people who are at the hottest club in any city in the US strictly for the dinner and dancing, but let's be honest, most people at a hookup club want to have a hot time out on the floor with the next person they're going to hookup with. It's not difficult to understand. There are a lot of great places to check out, and below, we'll mention five of our favorites. If you want some more clubs, check out Hookup Spots In The Us: Your Guide To The Hottest Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs In Each Listed City, our awesome city by city guide!

The Royale Nightclub: Located in Boston, Massachusetts, The Royale Nightclub is where you can expect a massive interior with comfortable seating, classic foyer, huge stage and a festive environment. The balconies are set aside for VIP service.

Club Space: Located in Miami, Florida, Club Space is a hot hookup club where the nightlife is phenomenal. The club stays open until the wee hours of the morning.

Pearl's Club: Located in Denver, Colorado, Pearl's Club is a welcoming place where happy hour can never be missed. The place has been renovated and revamped to invite more patrons

The Prysm Nightclub: Located in Chicago, Illinois, The Prysm Nightclub has two dance floors. The club is opened on Mondays and Thursdays, and Fridays from 10pm-4am; and on Saturdays from 10am-5am. It is closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Hookup Spots In The Us: Your Guide To The Hottest Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs In Each Listed City

Here come all of the cities that you are going to want to check out, and why you're going to want to find your next US hookup spot there. With so many options to choose from, things can get a little bit overwhelming sometimes, but when it comes to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New Jersey, New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC, we've got all of the reasons why you need to be hitting up all the hottest hookup spots while you're in each city!

US Hookup Spots: Atlanta

Atlanta has got some of the hottest places in the United States when it comes to hookup bars. One of the most fun and diverse cities in the US, you'll be sure to find something you're into here... Read more.

US Hookup Spots:Boston

The nightlife scene in the city of Boston is vibrant and energetic. When you visit one of the nightclubs or bars on our listings at Ezhookups.com, you will notice that we only have the most popular bars and clubs listed there. At Ezhookups.com, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Boston hookup bars and clubs... Read more.

US Hookup Spots:Chicago

The city of Chicago is known for is cold weather, but if you have broad shoulders, you will be able to get through those cold winter months, especially now that you have access to the list of hookup bars, clubs and other nightlife venues, which you can visit to warm your heart and your body... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Dallas

Each of us are guilty of going to a nightclub or bar that we are familiar with; just to hook up with eligible bachelors and single ladies. However, sometimes, when you are so familiar to everyone because you visit these locations so many times, it is time to find new clubs and bars to go to... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Denver

You will never be bored in the city of Denver, if you know the right places to visit while you are there or as long as you reside there. If you are single or looking for a swinging lifestyle or open relationship, you will be pleased with the directory guide that we have provided for you at Ezhookups.com´┐Ż Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Detroit

You'll love our list of Detroit's top hookup bars! When it comes to getting ready to head out for your next hot hookup, we know how much work it can be, so we've gone ahead and done the research for you... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Los Angeles

We've got it all, and we've done the legwork, so that you'll be able to find the Los Angeles hookup bars that you're going to have the best time at, without having to put in hours worth of research time beforehand... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Miami

Some of the top clubs and bars in Miami are ideal for those who want to light up the city and have a good time. This is especially true, if you are looking to hook up with someone new. When you think of the city of Miami, you should think of the beach, nightclubs, swinging lifestyle and a life without regrets... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Minneapolis

Minneapolis may not be a city in the United States that's particularly famous for hooking up, but that doesn't mean that you won't find a hot hookup in Minneapolis! There are a lot of different places to check out in the twin cities... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: New Jersey

There are tons of hookup bars in New Jersey, but the hard part can be finding the best places for you to check out. When it comes to the best information online, you've fount the best source, where you'll be sure to... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: New Orleans

The selection of hookup bars in New Orleans is definitely a huge one. This city has long been known for it's vibrant nightlife scene and and events such as Mardi Gras - where there are likely more New Orleans hookups than there are any other... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: New York City

It does not have to be a regular night out to go out and enjoy clubs, parties, lounges, bars and DJs playing your most favorite music. If you looked back into the past and you have experienced what many New Yorkers have, you will remember how enjoyable it was to leave your home and go to a club with... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for being a well visited city, but is also a good place to live, if you want to enjoy nightly action from the local clubs, traditional bars, dance clubs, swinger's club, strip clubs, and gay bars. The summer is the best time to party in this city, but at other seasons of the year... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Portland

The city of Portland has a vibrant, active and lively hookup scene, even if you are a couple, single or even if you are still a young professional or college student. Portland is known for its cold weather and long winters. For that reason, many people cannot wait for the winter to be... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: San Diego

In the city of San Diego, there is a history of past entertainment that mirrors some of what we see today in the same city. In 1939, the Aloha Bar opened its doors with the name Aloha Cafe. A year before, the Anchor Cafe owned by the same person was burned to... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: San Francisco

If you are one of those single people that want to hook up with someone who you might meet at a bar, club or sex event, then you are at the right place. At EzHookups.com, we have compiled some popular hookup spots that have stood the test of time and have offered tons of... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Seattle

You know that you want to check out Seattle's very best hookup bars, and when you check out our list, you'll see right away that the hookup bars you're looking to check out are all accounted for! There really is something for everyone, and Seattle, the city that gave the world Grunge music, has got a lot more to offer than... Read more.

US Hookup Spots: Washington DC

Alright! You're ready to head out for a night on the town, and you want to know where you can find the best Washington, DC hookup bars. Fair enough! Washington, DC has got some of the hottest hookup bars around, so if you're looking for some of the very... Read more.

More Resources To Help You Find The Hottest US Hookup Bars, US Hookup Clubs, & Various Other US Hookup Spots

On the off chance that you somehow require more information about US hookup spots after all of the goodies we just provided, we would first want to remind you that we have a city page for each of the US cities listed above, with 10 of our favorite US hookup bars, US hookup clubs, and other US hookup spots on each of the city pages. There is truly a wealth of information for you to draw from. Check out Hookup Spots In The Us: Your Guide To The Hottest Hookup Bars & Hookup Clubs In Each Listed City for even more information, and if you require more still, then we've got a few more links for you below!

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Want to check out info on the hottest hookup spots in other countries? Visit our main Hookup Spots Index Page, or the pages we have for UK Hookup Spots and Canada hookup spots We've got all the best info!

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