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The Best Gay Sex Stories is an online archive with some of the best gay sex stories. Their stories are written by members who share them on the site and invite readers to comment. All the sex stories are tagged with everything that will happen in the story including kinks so that you know what you're getting before you read it. You can even find the latest sex stories as they are posted on the first page.

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  • Leave a comment on your favorite sex stories is the perfect place for anyone looking for gay sex stories to read. They have stories about coming out, first-time sex and even gay fantasies. You can search for gay sex stories by tag or by date. Once you've finished reading all the sex stories, why not try writing your own? It's easy to submit to the site and most of the authors are readers too!

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  • See the newest sex stories on the site is a site to find all the gay sex stories you could ever want. If you want to find different categories of gay sex stories, this is the site to find them. You can read sex stories involving athletics, adult youth, celebrities, and camping. They even have tons of sex stories involving bondage, control, and sex with authority figures. You can find tons of gay sex stories hot male celebrities!

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  • See the newest authors and sex stories on the site is an archive for gay porn reviews, gay sex stories, and erotic tales. They have sex stories on the site for any kind of experience level including first-time gay sex, couple sex, and hardcore porn. These sex stories are fun to read with enough sex in them to satisfy you for hours. They can be read as a pdf, ePub, mobi, and txt files and are available on any electronic device.

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GayStories is a site with a great collection of gay sex stories that can be read and enjoyed by anyone. One of the perks of the site is how easy it is to find stories to read. The top-rated categories of sex stories are listed at the top and they don't shy away from anything, even taboo sex. When you read their sex stories leave a comment on them!

Check Out "Lake Cascade" About First-Time Gay Sex

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  • See the most popular posts and sex stories is the perfect place for finding gay sex stories that everyone can enjoy whenever they want. When you sign up on the site, you can read all their sex stories. You can even download their audio sex stories for gay sex wherever you go. It's perfect for busy people. Don't know where to start? Check out "Tales From The Bath" to read about hot gay sex in a bathroom.

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  • Rate your favorite sex stories on the site has the most popular gay sex stories featuring hot Indian men. You can find any kind of category and scenario in their collection of gay sex stories. You can all the hot and steamy sex narrated by the characters to put you in the middle of action. The site is easy to navigate and you can find sex stories based on date to get the current updates.

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  • Sex stories are written in Hindi available wants to make it easy for you to find Desi gay sex stories on one site. There are sex stories on this site written in both English and Desi which means that there's something for everyone. They have organized the most popular sex stories on the site which means that you can find them easier. These sex stories are handpicked by members for being the most hot and sexy ones online.

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  • 46 pages of hot sex stories available is a site that is specifically for finding the best gay sex stories. They have listed all their categories on the page with information like how many stories and when they were last updated. This makes it easier to find which sex stories are right for you. Just click a sex story, to find even more sex stories by that same author! It's the best way to find your favorite sex stories.

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reddit.com_r_gaystoriesgonewild is a site filled with forums where you can talk to like-minded people. This particular forum is for anyone who is into gay sex and wants to share their personal and fictional gay sex stories with other members. You can like, comment, and share your favorite posts and threads with your friends. They even have NSFW forum threads for people who love gay sex and want to talk about it.

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Guide To The Top Gay Sex Stories Online -

Are you a gay man? Do you love reading sex stories where men have sex with each other? Check out's guide to find the best gay sex stories.

Guide To The Top Gay Sex Stories Online -