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CheapLubes.com is the best place to go online if you are looking for cheap lube sex toys. Now don't let the word cheap fool you because you are still going to find great quality lubes here, and all kinds too, from water based to oils and everything in between!

CheapLubes.com Will Help You Grow Your Sex Toys Lube Collection Without Breaking The Bank!

  • order ten tubes of lube and get the eleventh for free
  • get sex toys recommendations via email
  • international shipping available


Sliquid.com has been perfecting their sex toys lube recipe for years and it is one of the best and most unique lubes on the market. It's hard to describe but it's all science: this lube stays slick but isn't sticky, won't cause irritation, and even tastes good. See, science!

Sliquid.com Will Wow You With Their Innovative Sex Toys Lube Recipe!

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  • leave comments and reviews on the site
  • create an account for faster sex toys shopping


RideLube.com specializes in lube and sex toys for busy people on the go. Have you ever wished you could easily bring your lube with you while traveling? Ridelube has many different options, from airplane friendly to super discreet bottles you can keep in your purse and no one will be the wiser!

RideLube.com Has All Of Your Lube Sex Toy Travel Needs Covered!

  • International shipping available
  • Spend over $100 on sex toys and receive a free gift
  • rate and review your fave products


Lubezilla.com is a monster of a sex toys website. And what we mean by that is there are so many different kinds of lube on this website it'll make your head spin! Different flavors, colours, textures, smells, materials... we're fairly certain every lube ever invented can be found on this site!

Lubezilla.com Has Every Possible Type Of Lube Imaginable On Their Sex Toys Site

  • sign up for the sex toys mystery subscription to get a surprise lube every month
  • international shipping available
  • all credit cards accepted


AdamEve.com has been providing you with quality sex toys for years so it only makes sense that they would create a quality lube as well. Their lube is created in house in small batches to ensure high quality and optimal performance. Try it once and use it for life!

AdamEve.com Guarantees You'll Love Their Lube If You Love Their Sex Toys

  • get discounts on sex toys when you purchase lube
  • multiple shipping options to choose from
  • create a profile to save your order options


ComeNPlay.ca wants to put the fun back into lube and sex toys. Lube shouldn't be something that you begrudgingly use, it should be something fun that you pull out to enhance or add to your sexual experience! Lube should only be fun!

ComeNPlay.ca Wants To Make Sexual Play And Sex Toys Fun With Lube

  • find out the best lube and sex toys for you
  • overnight shipping available
  • lifetime guarantee on all products


LoveHoney.com specializes in providing extra special sex toys to couples and lovers so it only makes sense that their lube would be just as special. Consider it a perfect compliment to their incredible sex toys.

LoveHoney.com Has A Perfect Lube For Every Sex Toy!

  • save when you purchase lube with your sex toys
  • credit card and PayPal accepted
  • rate your fave products


BestVibes.com takes a laid back approach to their sex toys and lube. They don't want sexual pleasure to be anything you have to worry about and we appreciate that. Find lubes of all kinds here, even vegan and gluten free!

BestVibes.com Takes The Stress Out Of Sex Toys And Lubes

  • get a custom lube created specifically for your dietary restrictions and allergies
  • find the perfect lube to go with your Best Vibes sex toys
  • returns and exchanges are easy


LoveDreamer.com claims they have crafted the perfect aphrodisiac lube that pairs perfectly with all types of sex toys. We were skeptical at first but after trying it out we think they are legit! We were hornier, wetter, and harder than ever using this lube.

LoveDreamer.com's Sex Toy Lube Will Provide You With Extra Pleasure!

  • good for all skin types
  • overnight shipping available
  • can be used with all kinds of sex toys


HoneyGifts.com is one of our fave sex toy sites for purchasing special gifts so it only makes sense that they would have a super great selection of specially lubes, like unique flavours and ones of really nice decorative bottles.

HoneyGifts.com Has A Wide Selection Of Lube and Sex Toy Gifts!

  • gift wrapping on all lube and sex toys available
  • add a personalized note to any gift orders
  • all major credit cards accepted

List Of Sex Toys Sites For Lubricants

Looking to purchase some lubricant to use alone or with sex toys? Ezhookups.com has the perfect list! Click here to find all the best lubes for purchase.

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