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The Best Transexual Sex Stories


Nifty is a collection of sex stories for every sexuality, kink, fetish and scenario. Some of the categories of transexual sex stories you can find are magic, science fiction, teen and college sex stories and even stories featuring popular characters from television. They have enough hot sex stories to satisfy everyone. They even have a novel called the Joe Bates Saga which is already over 57 chapters!

Tons Of Different Sex Stories And Categories

  • Sex stories are easy to read on electronic devices
  • Find general information and resources for LGBT activities and culture
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StorySite is one of the largest collections of transexual sex stories online. There are thousands of sex stories that are donated by authors for everyone's personal enjoyment. They encourage readers to leave messages and comments on your favorite sex stories to show their authors some appreciation. That makes it more likely that the site's authors will post more sex stories which means more fun and hot sex for everyone!

Interactive Sex Stories Available For All Kinds Of Action

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  • Send your favorite authors fan mail to share your appreciation
  • Review sex stories by leaving comments online is a site where you can find transexual sex stories both fictional and non-fictional. The fictional sex stories featuring transgender characters hooking up while the non-fictional stories are based on the writer's real-life sexual experiences. They even have a special section of Choose Your Own Adventure sex stories where readers get to choose what happens next in the story to easily create fun stories.

Use The Tag Cloud To Find Sex Stories

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StoriesOnline is a collection of transexual sex stories where characters are either transgender or have sex with transgender people. The site is organized for easy navigation with a detailed description of sex stories and the amount of times they have been downloaded. As a reader, you are able to preview their sex stories but to see the full story you have to be logged in.

See How Many Times Sex Stories Have Been Downloaded

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Fictionmania is a site that is filled with different kinds of transformations and explorations of gender. It's the perfect site for readers are fans of erotic fiction featuring transgender characters. Their transexual sex stories fit into different experience levels, kinks, fetishes, and categories which guarantees that there's something for everyone. You can find hot sex stories by categories, keywords, and by looking at the newest stories posted that day.

Visit The Site To See What New Sex Stories Have Been Posted

  • Recommended sex stories are posted in the HyperBoard
  • Some sex stories have illustrations for a visual experience
  • Review and comment on your favorite sex stories on the site has a curated collection of shemale and transexual sex stories. These sex stories are based in fiction and real-life and posted by fellow members. To get a glimpse of what they offer, you can read "My Real Life Crossdressing Experience" about a personal experience from a member. To stay updated, you can check the News section for the most interesting and important information happening on the site.

Over 112,000 Members On The Site

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  • Connect with other members on the forum is an online resort and collection of some of the best transexual sex stories. They don't post sex stories to their own site but instead, they give you a list of sites and links where you can find the best transexual sex stories. To get started, you just need to create an account. Once you have joined the site, you can add photos and get involved in the galleries and forums.

Adult Personals, Images, Chat, Discussion And More!

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  • The site with Spanish sex stories is the place where you can find some of the best transexual sex stories online. The most interesting and best sex stories on the site are marked with a fire symbol so you can find them easier. They even have an online chat room available where members can share their thoughts, recommendations, and experiences with others. There are so many things to do so make sure you register on the site today!

Stay Notified Of What Happens On The Site By Visiting The What's New Page

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  • List of featured authors, sex stories, and serials offers completely original transexual sex stories. If you are looking for male-to-female, transgender, cross-dressing, or transvestite erotic fiction, this is the perfect site for you to visit. Everything is available in one place, you just need to use the tags and categories to find them. They even have transexual sex stories that are in the form of comics but you need to be registered on the site to read them.

Over 5000 Original Transexual Sex Stories Online

  • Updated with hot new sex stories every single week
  • Transgender comics for visually-oriented people
  • Free preview available but must be registered to read full sex stories


Specially Curated List Of Sex Stories Featuring Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Characters

  • Local info, events, and resources for transgender people in Las Vegas
  • PG and R-rated stories available
  • The sex stories are located in "TG Short Stories"

The Best Transexual Sex Stories Online -

Are you looking for sex stories featuring transsexual, transgender, or cross-dressing? Check out's guide to the top transsexual sex stories.

The Best Transexual Sex Stories Online -