List Of Sites Selling Male Masturbator Sex Toys



Tenga.com has perfected the male masturbator sex toy, which is why we have put it at the top of our list. They tested and tested and tested some more to find the best materials for a super realistic masturbatory experience and we think they were quite successful!

Tenga.com Wants You To Masturbate Like Never Before With Their Sex Toys!

  • lifetime guarantee on all sex toys
  • international shipping available
  • regular sales and special offers


Lovense.com is the perfect sex toys shop for those looking to get a male masturbator for their partner. Yes, masturbators are generally meant to be used alone but there is nothing like giving the gift of a sex toy!

Lovense.com Has The Perfect Gifts With Their Male Masturbator Sex Toys

  • gift wrapping and special notes available
  • all sex toys orders over $150 come with a free gift
  • all major credit cards accepted


SexToys.co.uk is one of the most popular UK destinations for all things sex toys related but lately one category has been better than the rest: male masturbators. You can find one of the largest selections of male masturbators here.

SexToys.co.uk Will Help You Find The Perfect Male Masturbator Sex Toy!

  • chat with customer service to get the perfect sex toy recommendation
  • earn points with every purchase
  • lifetime guarantee on all products


IntimateGadgets.com is another super popular sex toys site that has a fantastic male masturbators section. You'll find all sorts of sizes here, plus materials ranging from silicones to washable fabrics and everything in between.

IntimateGadgets.com Will Delight You With Their Variety Of Kinky, Weird Male Masturbator Sex Toys

  • get email updates about new sex toys added to the store
  • create an account for faster shopping
  • save your fave products on a wish list


BettysToyBox.com is mostly known for its female-oriented sex toys but did you also know that they have a great collection of male masturbators as well? Find all types, shapes, and sizes here, for beginners and pros as well.

BettysToyBox.com Will Get You Off With Their Male Masturbator Sex Toys

  • spend over $150 on sex toys and get free shipping
  • pay with credit card or PayPal
  • returns and refunds are available


UberKinky is always trying to push sexual and taboo boundaries with their sex toys and their male masturbators are no exception. These aren't your typical male masturbators; instead these sex toys will push your sexual comfort zone somewhere entirely new.

UberKinky Is Creating Some Of The Kinkiest And Most Taboo Male Masturbator Sex Toys!

  • the more sex toys you purchase, the more points you get
  • save up points to get a free male masturbator
  • international shipping available


CoolMaleSexToy.com specializes in creating sex toys eschpeially for men so it's no wonder that their male masturbators are some of the most popular on the internet. Every toy is hand crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure that they last a lifetime.

CoolMaleSexToy.com Are The Perfect Addition To Your Sex Toys Collection!

  • sign up for a membership and start earning points
  • get sex toys recommendations based on your shopping habits
  • all major credit cards accepted


NiteTimeToys.com strives to make night time more fun and sexy, whether you're with someone or on your own. Their male masturbator sex toy is designed to be used solo or with a partner's help.

NiteTimeToys.com Wants You To Enjoy Masturbating With Their Sex Toys

  • lifetime guarantee on all sex toys
  • overnight shipping options available
  • rank and review your fave sex toys


Bondara prides itself on crafting entirely unique and different sex toys. Because each male masturbator is made by hand, each one is slightly different and can also be customized.

Bondara Is Creating Hand-Crafted Male Masturbator Sex Toys

  • orders can take up to two months wait
  • get notified when sex toys go on sale
  • multiple shipping options


JouJou.com is a new online sex toys shop but it is quickly becoming one of our go-tos. This is because of the incredible pricing and also the vast selection of male masturbators. You'll find everything here!

JouJou.com Will Blow You Away With Their Sex Toys Selection!

  • free shipping on sex toys orders over $150
  • great recommendations via email
  • expedited shipping options available

Directory Of Male Masturbator Sex Toys

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